WM6 home.xml documentation

After discovering the configuring the WM6 home screen is nothing more than editing an XML file (/Application Data/Home/themename.home.xml on your device) I’ve been searching for a WM6 home.xml documentation. But as far as I can tell… there is none! Best thing I’ve found so far is the Homescreen guide for beginners by W411y. If anyone knows where to find a more complete documentation, please let me know!

Reverse engineering and W411y’s guide helps a lot, but I want to build a Home Screen editor, and for that I’d really like to get my hands on some proper documentation…

Bleeding colors

It is almost two years since I encountered this problem but since I have still not found any good explanations I’ll just make a post about it myself and hope those who could use this info find their way in here.
.Net web-applikation using nested html tables which in turn uses stylesheets to set background color, font, font-size and so on. For some unknown reason the background color bleed outward/inward.
Set the actual html background color attribute to any color you like in all places where your stylesheet setting includes a background color. This stops the colors from bleeding. The stylesheet background color overrides the html attribute so you’ll get the color you want…
This might not sound like the perfect solution, but it works. We stumbled across it by accident after trying everything we could think of and everything related we could find on the internet.