Scrum Guide 2020

Ken Schwaber published a very short message on his the blog the other day. Apparently a new version of the Scrum Guide is coming this fall! 🙂

Apparently about 3 pages shorter than the current guide, something that feels almost impossible… I’m really exited to see what changes are in there. Some previous versions have felt “cosmetic” but this sounds like there will be some major tweaks.

You can read Ken’s full (and short) statement here:

New scrum guide

Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, the co-founders of Scrum, have been working together and with the Scrum community on updating the official Scrum Body of Knowledge, the Scrum Guide. The core principles of Scrum remain, but misunderstandings have been clarified and techniques have been removed. The “Definitive Guide to Scrum,” focuses on the framework, rules, and ceremonies of Scrum. Emphasis is placed on the roles of the Scrum Team and understanding of their responsibilities, as opposed to the strategies and techniques involved in fulfilling those roles and responsibilities.

The new scrum guide was announced on July 15 but the reasoning behind the changes are not always clear to everyone. To remedy this is releasing a series of Scrum Guide Explanations. These explanations are really good, not only do they explain the specific change in question but reading the explanations will also give you a deeper understanding of the core principles of scrum.

If you are using scrum today or plan to use it in the future I strongly suggest you head over to and check out both the new Scrum Guide as well as the Scrum Guide Explanations.