HTC headsets

I finally got my HTC HD2 and I love it! The included headset on the other hand… complete and utter crap. Why HTC continue to ship their phones with lousy headsets is a mystery to me. Their phones are reat but the headsets always takes away from an otherwise pleasant experience. So, if you plan to buy this phone, make sure to order a new headset.

WM6 home.xml documentation

After discovering the configuring the WM6 home screen is nothing more than editing an XML file (/Application Data/Home/themename.home.xml on your device) I’ve been searching for a WM6 home.xml documentation. But as far as I can tell… there is none! Best thing I’ve found so far is the Homescreen guide for beginners by W411y. If anyone knows where to find a more complete documentation, please let me know!

Reverse engineering and W411y’s guide helps a lot, but I want to build a Home Screen editor, and for that I’d really like to get my hands on some proper documentation…