Scrum Guide 2020

Ken Schwaber published a very short message on his the blog the other day. Apparently a new version of the Scrum Guide is coming this fall! 🙂

Apparently about 3 pages shorter than the current guide, something that feels almost impossible… I’m really exited to see what changes are in there. Some previous versions have felt “cosmetic” but this sounds like there will be some major tweaks.

You can read Ken’s full (and short) statement here:

New “Basic” process

Exciting times! For the first time in many years Microsoft is adding a new process template to Azure DevOps (previously TFS/VSTS).

The Basic process will be the fourth process template available “out of the box” and is planned to replace Agile as the default selection. It is a slimmed down process with three levels of work items (Epics, Issues and Tasks) that all go through the same states (ToDo, Doing and Done).

Thats about it right now.