Jesfer brought back to life

I finally found some time to get my blog up and running again. Even found a nice theme to use. Needs some tweeking but it is good enough for the moment.

I have no idea why my blog died on me (bored from inactivity maybe) but instead of debugging it I choose to just move on to BlogEnginge.Net 1.5. Exporting settings and posts was more or less a matter of copy/paste 🙂

Blog upgrade

Jesfer is now using BlogEngine.Net 1.2! It should look pretty much the same as it did before, except that the tag cloud is working and I added 100 pixels to the width… Getting my custom theme back on track took some time but I hope everything is ok now. Should probably download Firefox and see if looks the same there. IE is blatantly ignoring some settings in my stylesheet so I might be in for a surprise…

Jesfer is online!

Finally this blog is online! Took me some time to find a blog engine that was to my liking, but even more time to get the look and feel right. Not done yet, but good enough to go live 🙂

Next couple of days/weeks/months will be interesting. There seem to be a few settings both in the engine and at my web hotel that could use some tweaking. Nothing major I hope…