Migrating to WordPress

I’ve decided to make life a bit easier and move this blog to wordpress.com. Hoping this will result in a more stable blog and no more upgrade hustle… Just finished migrating all my posts and found a theme I like. Now I just have to redirect the jesfer.se domain also.

Update: domain fixed, jesfer is now live on wordpress 🙂

Gaming throat mic

Why are there no throat microphones designed for gamers? Well, actually, there is one, but with gaming peripherals being as much about image as functionality it is a bit surprising that companies such as Razer or Logitech don’t carry a “military style” microphone for the hardcore FPS players. If I’ve spent a fortune on a 7.1 surround sound setup for my PC I don’t want to put on a headset to speak to my CS/BF team, I just need a mic that can pick up my voice on the battlefield…

Blog upgrade

Jesfer is now using BlogEngine.Net 1.2! It should look pretty much the same as it did before, except that the tag cloud is working and I added 100 pixels to the width… Getting my custom theme back on track took some time but I hope everything is ok now. Should probably download Firefox and see if looks the same there. IE is blatantly ignoring some settings in my stylesheet so I might be in for a surprise…